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What will I learn in this component?

A large number of Clauses within the Standards for RTOs interact with one another and without a comprehensive understanding of each clause and the relationship between the various clauses, your effectiveness as a compliance practitioner is limited.  In this component, we unpack the Standards to a practical level where the meanings and interpretations of each Standard/Clause are explained for everyday use.  


At the end of this component, you will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • understand the full meaning of the clauses in the Standards for RTOs

  • understand how the various clauses in the Standards for RTOs are interlinked

  • determine how each clause within the  Standards for RTOs is interpreted for ongoing compliance

  • identify the compliance requirements of each clause in the Standards for RTOs


How can I apply the course component information in my job?

This course component will enable you to:

  • identify the full application of each clause of the  Standards for RTOs

  • identify the correlation between the various clauses and standards within the  Standards for RTOs

  • implement the Standards for RTOs in your RTO’s day-to-day operations


Course component delivery

You will be provided with comprehensive written learning material to download onto your own computer system.  You will also have access to our special video series hosted by Alex Schroder on some of the critical information covered in this component.  

Course Cost

Information on the cost of the full 2015 Standards Unpacked! course can be obtained by contacting AICP.


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