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The RTO Standards Unpacked!
Learn the ins and outs of the Standards, how to interpret the Standards, manage your RTO's compliance and rectify  non-compliances in your RTO's operations.
We have unpacked the Standards as you've never seen before and this course will become your everyday go-to when managing your RTO's .....
Training Package Transitioning 

Training package updates and transitions can be a nightmare and can easily have a negative impact on your RTO operations, if not managed strategically.  Join us as we discuss strategies for transition that will help you manage transitions with minimum impact on your students, your staff, your business operations and your RTO's bottom line ....

Self-assurance is a new requirement 

Changes to the NVR Act now require all RTOs to be evidence how their operations are managed to ensure an inclusive focus on quality, continuous improvement and ongoing compliance.

Although this has always been an intrinsic requirement of the RTO Standards, the game has now changed to some degree and your RTO will need to implement ....

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Trainer & Assessor Compliance  

Trainer and assessor compliance with the Standards is one of the most common areas of non-compliance identified in regulatory audits. Although most RTOs believe they're on top of it, there are a number of pitfalls that many compliance practitioners are not aware of.

The impact of non-compliance can cause significant disruption to ....

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Preparing for your next audit
It is vital for your RTO be properly prepared for a regulatory audit. Although the Regulator's new audit model provides a good level of transparency, consistency and fairness, it is always better to be fully prepare and pass audit the first time, than to have the pressure of rectification actions and/or sanctions ....
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Compliance Help for all RTOs
AICP is Australia's leading provider when it comes to  RTO Compliance training. We work with highly qualified and  experienced Compliance Practitioners to bring you the very best of RTO Compliance.
We are here to provide a helping hand with any and all of your RTO Compliance needs, from audit preparation to rect ....